An idea is only as good as the people who believe in it and make it happen.

Behind every great endeavor there are great people. And when great people come together with the ambition to perform as a team in order to achieve something bigger than just themselves, then special things like our product innovations can happen. Everyone at Lorrygram is a vital part of our current and continuing success. Here, unique skill sets meet a shared mindset. Here, everyone knows only one direction: forward.

Our Team

Johann Strasser
Chairman, Strategic Adviser & Projects

Johann is the inventor of Lorrygram. He is an innovative mechanical engineer with an MBA in General Management and over 25 years of experience in global companies throughout Europe and Latin America. Strasser is also the dynamic CEO of Wingliner and his hands-on skills and unparalleled drive are the leading force of the company.

Stefan Sprenger
Chairman, Chief Technology Officer

As a graduate engineer in computer science with several years of professional experience in software development, Stefan Sprenger complements the Lorrygram team as CTO. Through his involvement in a number of projects and the successful foundation, as well as participation in tech startups such as Salzburg.Company, Together.Social and Mazing, he knows what is important in the digital world. He sees himself as a bridge builder between technical innovation and commercial activity.

Karin Hausmaninger
Assistent of the Management & Accounting

Karin completed her business administration studies in Linz, has +18 years of experience in sales as a management assistant and project manager. She is resilient, stress-resistant, loves to communicate, always has an open ear and solutions for everything and everyone. She speaks fluent English and has some knowledge of Spanish and French, loves new challenges, sees herself as a team player and holds a truck driver's licence with a trailer.

Gonzalo Pagnucco
Technology & Marketing

A well-structured financial accountant, with +5 years of experience in finances, accounting, and management. Gonzalo is organized, honest, responsible, adaptable, a polyglot with 5 languages at his disposal and with an extensive knowledge on computer software. Having excellent presentation and negotiation skills and being able to speak in public in a confident, articulate, and professional manner.

Mateo Pagnucco
Software Developer

Mateo is an advanced software engineering student from Argentina. He has experience working as a full stack developer, developing software with the highest standards. He is always looking for new knowledge and helps to develop high quality software products.

Kim Yung
Sales Korea

Born in 1958, high school in Korea, after 3 years of military service moved to the US, graduated from UMUC in Marketing. After working for Volvo in Washington DC for a few years, returned to Korea where he is still in the LED lighting business. As CEO of Seunganet company in Korea, he has been working closely with Lorrygram for 4 years.

Philip Strasser

Philipp is our McGyver, a real all-rounder. Installations at customers are his specialty, problems are solved and innovative solutions are found.

Christian Neubacher
Technology & Electronics

Christian is our electronics engineer and technician who doesn't miss a thing and knows his way around. We are not sure if he is the official inventor of the cell phone or Steve Jobs twin brother... Lucky for us that he is part of our team.

Join our team now — Lorrygram is always looking for people who can turn loyal customers into real fans with their skills and commitment.