An idea which presented itself to the right people in the right place at the right time.

More important than where an idea comes from is the question where it will lead us. The idea that became Lorrygram not only led to a whole new industry but also to the emergence of a new word with the potential to be known around the globe: Transportainment. We merge intuitive software and reliable hardware to enable our customers to reach their selected audience with the perfect content at just the right time. When effectiveness meets simplicity, the next visionary idea is just a matter of time.

Lorrygram is whatever you need it to be. A live stream, a weather station, a geo-targeted content-machine and so much more. You have a use case, we have a solution. We challenge our customers to explore and push the possibilities of the Lorrygram concept. No matter what you need today: we have it. No matter what you need tomorrow: we develop it.

The world’s first fully operational, full-sized delivery vehicle with integrated HD media displays capable of reproducing geolocation oriented and customizable satellite-fed media.

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The Story behind Lorrygram
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Lorrygram Central
All Content is satellite fed from Lorrygram Central


Geolocation Content
unique location based content and advertising


Static and Video Content
Ultra HD displays can run either static or dynamic video content


Weather and Traffic Content
capable of running public utility information for drivers


Fleet Management
manage, plan, control and monitor vehicle fleets


for rescue workers or at sporting events

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