The future and the present, the vision and the reality — they are getting closer and closer.

Lorrygram is much more than just a couple of screens on a lorry. We have established a platform that generates endless possibilities. A big part of our foundation is our ever evolving software solution portfolio that includes advanced telematics software.

One of our flagship projects is the Lorrygram Power Station LPS–01 for Porsche. But there’s a lot more to come – and whatever is ahead of us: we’re looking forward to it.


Moon powered LPS—01
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LPS—01 Lorrygram Power Station

Entertainment and power united: The Lorrygram Power Station LPS-01 combines three e-charging stations with one large container and generates attention with its integrated screens. So it's no coincidence that Porsche is already using this product worldwide to promote its e-models. And we are already working on using the side walls as photovoltaic surfaces to generate electricity directly on site. This makes the LPS-01 a prime example of what transportainment can be.


Mobility and entertainment in one: Lorrygram Side Ads and Back Ads give every truck the opportunity to carry not only its load, but also entertainment, without losing load capacity. LSA & LBA generate revenue by the second by providing audiences with targeted advertising based on geolocation, weather, traffic information, current events and anything of interest – you name it.